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Notes from Montaine
The French Connection Airshow is happy to announce the arrival of a new sponsor for their Team: MT-Propeller has joined all the other sponsors and provided brand new MT-composite fixed pitch propellers for the two CAP 10.  They are lighter and more performing than the previous propellers and are also available to be installed on any other CAP 10 in the USA. One of the other big advantage of these propellers is that MT-Propeller has a service center in Orlando, FL. 

Mudry Aviation "Team", including 2 Sportsman and 1 Intermediate,  flew at the Sebring Contest which was directed this year by Mike Luszcz, a member of the Team. He did a wonderful job as a director and as a contestant flying for the first time in Intermediate. He sure had his hands full that weekend.  Phil, a current instructor at Mudry and Alex, a former instructor, were both flying in advanced.

There will be a CAP 232 on display at Oshkosh the whole week and anyone can come and ask questions about the CAP 222 and new CAP 10C coming up at the end of this year.

Debbie Gary is currently practicing with her  brand new CAP 232 that you will see this season competing and performing. This is the fourth one in the United States. Number 5 is already in the hands of Debbie Rihn, US Team member, based in Houston, TX. Number 6 is planned for May.

Some people are a little confused with the new organization building the CAPs, mainly because they have changed name a few times before they found the one which fits. You can look at their web page, which has just been updated with lots of new information (  to get more familiarized with the whole organization. In a nut shell, CAP Aviation is the manufacturer of all CAPs. The US Distributor is CAP Unlimited located at Flagler County. The only dealer at this time is Mudry Aviation, located at the same place. We are very optimistic and hope that there will be a need for more dealers in the future.

Updated April 25, 2000
1-2 Augusta, GA

9-11 Sun N' Fun, FL
15-16 Athens, GA


13  Jackson, MS

10-11 Walkes Barre, PA

17-18 Oklahoma City, OK

25, Aubigny, France, first time in France

22-23  North Platte, NB

26-31 Oshkosh, WI

26-27 Cincinnati, OH
9-10 Winston Salem, NC

17-18 Little Rock, AR

7-8 Texarkana, TX
Stay Tuned For more shows in 2000

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CAP Aviation is moving along fine with both the certification of the CAP 222 and the CAP 10C. Again, you can see their progresses on the CAP Aviation web page. We should have our first CAP 10C before the end of this year and a CAP 222 in the Spring of 2001.Our local Chamber of Commerce has a web page where you can find more information about our area if you wish to come and visit. If you are new to this web site and would like to have some news of last year Click here for our holiday newsletter) which is a sum up of the year 1999 activities.

If you are reading these notes, do not hesitate to e-mail us your thoughts or comments about our activities and our web page. 

The French Connection Airshow
is proud to be sponsored by the following:
AVBlend who provides for the wonderful oil additive
MATTITUCK for their Red and Gold engines
Champion Spark Plugs who provides their "S" Spark plugs for high performance engines
Strong Enterprises who provides and services their parachutes
ICOM for their hand held and panel mounted radios
AIRMAX for their aircraft cleaning and polishing products
Randolph Flight Proven Finishes who provides their paint products
SOFTCOMM who provides their headsets
MT- PROPELLER who provides their new, lighter and more perfroming composite fixed pitch propeller
The Air Show Authority
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