Daniel  &  Montaine     ( - May 27, 2000 )

Flagler Beach, Florida & Dutchess County Airport, New York

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The poem, the story, hear Montaine
Montaine's 50th Birthday 1998

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"to fly, modestly, in tribute to THE FRENCH CONNECTION"

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Many years at this nearby airshow

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French Connection Aerobatic Course (PDF file)
by Daniel Héligoin (Transcribed by Jean-Marie Klinka)
Biography by François Dabin

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Cover Photo and Review of English Translation by Fred Robbins

March 22, 2017 Update
(1) The "English Version - From U.S." (Amazon)
and "...From Canada" both work now.
(2) An eBook version is available

Author gave Montaine her 1st flight!

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