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Integral Announces New Aircraft Series, June 7, 2019

50 Years for the French Army Aerobatic Team - January 3, 2018

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Cockpit Magazine Film from 1991 about August Mudry
Thanks to Emmanuel Riche

Jean-Marie Klinka Book Signing,
Auguste Mudry 100th Birthday Celebration,
Loan of CAP232 to Museum - September 2017

The CapX Flies Again

Dorine Bourneton, Paraplegic, Flies at Le Bourget 2017

Annual Gathering of CAPs in Formation

Patrouille de France US Tour 2017 at Stewart Airport KSWF

S/N 87 and 88 Back Together

EAA Article on 78OS, May 2016 (PDF)

Woodworkers from the Mudry CAP Factories
[Website in English]

Carbon Fiber Spar Reinforcement

Jean-Marie Saget Surpasses 20,000 hours

Restoration of 78OS by Dell Aero Speed

On Display at the New York Airshow 2015
  Aviation History article by Stephan Wilkinson  

Dorine Bourneton, Paraplegic, Flies the CAP10

Updated: June 8, 2019