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Together, Montaine and Daniel perform the closest formation aerobatics to be seen anywhere, blending a unified presentation of loops, rolls, hammerheads, the "French Connection Double Heart" and the absolutely astounding back to back mirror image. Their beautiful music and poetry arrangement makes their aerial ballet a unique act that you will long remember. They perform their unique aerial ballet from coast to coast at most of the major airshows in North America, from Miami to San Diego, and from Halifax to Abbotsford in Canada. Though flying mostly in North America, the French Connection Airshow has also performed in Mexico, Brazil and the Dominican Republic and has been featured on most major TV networks in America and world-wide.

Both Daniel and Montaine love aerobatics and are always happy talking to spectators, sharing their experiences as pilots, speaking about their aircraft. Their gentleness and charisma, together with their talent and vast experience in aerobatics and the airshow entertainment industry, have put them among the best in the industry. In recognition of their professionalism, the French Connection received the "Rolly Cole Memorial Award" in 1991, the "Art Scholl Memorial Showmanship Award" in 1993 and the "General Aviation News Flyers Readers Choice Award" in 1996.

Their reasonable fees, high quality performances, availability for media and sponsor PR, make them the perfect act for any Airshow, from a small-budget show to a large-sized event.

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