December 1999


   What a busy year this has been! It seems like 99’ is gone in just the blink of an eye. 

   It all started with the retirement of Alex Mirkovic. After three years of wonderful work for us, he moved on and is now flying flame throwers in Atlanta.

   He keeps in touch regularly and can be seen hanging around at contests, flying an S2B in advanced and doing very well. The last few months with us, he helped us train our new full time instructor, Josh Wilson. Josh is also a charming young man and a graduate of Embry Riddle University who started learning aerobatics with us, fell in love with it, sold his motorcycle to pay for it, and liked it so much he was taught how to teach what he had just learned. Despite a few delays due to the Holidays, finishing some classes at Embry Riddle and bad weather, Josh was able to start teaching full time not long after Alex left. In the meantime, Phil Schacht and Montaine filled in between Alex’s departure and Josh’s arrival and actually kept helping through the whole winter thanks to very good weather. We were in fact so busy that we also hired John Schwenk to fly the Cub. A veteran tail-wheel pilot, he didn’t believe that students were on a mission to take out runway lights with him bearing all the responsibility.

You all know who you are!!

   This year has seen 4 contests and a plethora of new faces at the competition line. Team Mudry has brought back trucks full of "Wood" to adorn the walls, and a few new addicts to this adrenalin bound sport. Some of the die-hards are still around such as Ron Case and the Luzzinator, but we’ve also had several new pilots added to the competition ranks. Some of the names include Pete Eslick, JP Sedita, Dr. Mack McElhannon, Charlie Hoover, Nicolas Arcaute and the famous aeronautical guru Larry Fletcher who first flew with the French Connection back in the 80’s which inspired him to learn to fly.
   We’ve seen over 150 pilots take to the sky inverted this year, over 130 of which came back for more.  For those who have just been dreaming about getting into it, whether it be contests or just exploring unusual attitudes, what are you waiting for!!! The year 2000 promises to be clear below 12,000 with winds straight down the box, so come on out and knock some of that rust off. The first contest of the millennium is slated in February with several more to follow. This is the perfect resolution for the new year!


The shop kept busy most of the Summer without any special projects, thanks to our regular customers, the arrival of 2 new CAP 232 and the school being so busy. The fact that we weren’t plagued with brush fires this year really helped too. For this Winter, besides the regular customers, the school aircraft and the French Connection CAP 10 annuals, we have a Stearman to re-fabric. We all had stitching lessons thanks to Mr. Smith and Bruno, and so far, everything is going well.


   The French Manufacturer of all CAPs has taken on a new look with a new name "CAP AVIATION" and more products. The CAP 232 is still the best single place aerobatic aircraft in the World, with now three in the United States, soon to be four.   The new CAP 10C, lighter and modernized, is finally coming out of the blue print and expected to fly in the Spring.

  We have # 4 on order and expect to have it by the Summer. The CAP 222, a composite 2 place unlimited trainer has completed all the stress tests and is currently going through the final European certification. Both aircraft serial numbers can be reserved with as little as $3,000.00 (refundable if you change your mind). You can look at CAP Aviation web page at:


Or should we say... French/American Airshow, thanks to two new citizens
to our US of A!!

   We started early this year, again, with 2 airshows in Natal, Brazil, at the end of February and the beginning of March. We flew airlines down and used the 2 CAP 10’s from the Aero Club do Rio Grande Do Sul, from Porto Alegre. Natal is a town with a multitude of Aviation history and beautiful surroundings.

   Then it was on with Sun N’Fun and the rest of the season. We stayed in the eastern half of the Country this year, making the season less tiring than last year.

   Oshkosh this year was our 25th anniversary, since Daniel performed there for the first time in 1974.   We want to take this opportunity to welcome two new sponsors, AIRMAX and SOFTCOMM who came on board during the 1999 season. We hope that you choose our sponsors products when you need something that they produce: Mattituck Engines, Strong Enterprises Parachutes Co., Randolph Paint Products, AVBlend Oil additives, Champion Spark Plugs and ICOM Radios.

Hoping to see you all soon, on behalf of Mudry Aviation and
its employees, we would like to wish you a very
Happy Holiday Season and a wonderful year in 2000.

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