July 6-20, 2003

Valley water under siege

Dutchess County's water sources are being threatened more each day -- by chemical spills, unbridled growth, even our personal habits. Officials have been too lax in dealing with the problem. This five-part editorial series looks at this problem.
July 6

Tainted water

Editorial - Hyde Park water mess created by gasoline spills.

Huge gasoline spills have tainted water wells in Hyde Park, and the Journal calls for changes in how inspections of underground storage facilities are handled.

July 9

The state's role

Editorial - Protecting aquifers.

The state's enforcement policies are called into question as a mining operation over a major aquifer moves closer to approval.

July 13

Testing needed

Editorial - Coping with chemical spills.

Chemical spills have contaminated dozens of water wells in southern Dutchess County, and the Journal says more testing of wells is necessary when homes are sold.

July 16

More action

Editorial - Guarding wetlands and streams.

A town-by-town comparison offers critical information about how some municipalities are not doing enough to protect wetlands and other water bodies.

July 20

Steps to take

Editorial - Exploring other options, such as creating more public water systems.

The Journal explores other options to cope with the area's water problems, such as creating more public water systems.

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