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 Cable News 8/29/08     East Fishkill Rain Garden
 Cable News 7/16/08     Watershed Monthly Meeting
 Cable News 4/24/08     Mile-a-Minute Vine Invasion 4
 HV Green Times Spring 2008   Trees Along Streams (by Rick Oestrike)
 Cable News 7/31/07     Mile-a-Minute Vine Invasion 3
 Cable News 7/25/07     Mile-a-Minute Vine Invasion 2
 Cable News 7/18/07     Mile-a-Minute Vine Invasion 1
 Pok. Journal 4/22/07   Flooding is caused by more than just rainfall
 Pok. Journal 4/15/07   Do you live in a Tree City USA? (by Lou Sebesta)
 Pok. Journal 4/1/07   Plant a seedling, restore a stream
 Pok. Journal 8/6/06   Preserving Our Wetlands
 Pok. Journal 7/9/06   IBM and Pollution (4 articles)
 Pok. Journal 6/28/06   Runoff alters landscape, leaves path of pollution
 Pok. Journal 6/11/06   Ecosystem Engineers
 Pok. Journal 5/28/06   Fast-growing plant threatens native foliage
 Beacon Dispatch 6/06   Safe Enough to Swim?
 Pok. Journal 5/21/06   Petroleum Spills in Dutchess Co.
 Pok. Journal 5/14/06   Creek Bank Cleanup in Fishkill
 S. Dutchess News 5/3/06   Green Team (Seedling Planting)
 Pok. Journal 4/23/06   Seedlings planted to restore Fishkill Creek balance
 Cable News 4/21/06     Seedling Planting
 Pok. Journal 4/19/06   Pollution's impact on E. Fishkill brook is a mystery
 Pok. Journal 4/19/06   Big Blue is No. 1 polluter
 Pok. Journal 4/16/06   Septic tanks, groundwater coexist in delicate balance
 Pok. Journal 4/9/06   Sewers harming valley watershed
 Pok. Journal 10/23/05   Planting trees puts streams in balance (Volunteers on Fishkill Creek banks)
 Pok. Journal 8/14/05   Asphalt is path to pollution
 Cable News 8/02/05     Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee Meeting
 Register Herald 7/07/05   Wetlands essential to the environment
 Pok. Journal 7/03/05   Dams damage river life
 S. Dutchess News 6/22/05   Creek yields all but kitchen sink
 Cable News 6/20/05     Creek Cleanup in Beacon
 Pok. Journal 6/19/05   Watchers protect watersheds (by Martha Cheo)
 Pok. Journal 6/19/05   Beacon cleanup yields strange debris
 Pok. Journal 6/08/05   Report urges action to protect Fishkill Creek
 Pok. Journal 6/08/05   Keeping water under control
 Cable News 6/07/05     Watershed Management Plan Unveiled 6/07/05   Management plan unveiled for the Fishkill Creek Watershed
 S. Dutchess News 6/01/05   Fishkill Creek watershed plan first strategy of its kind
 Pok. Journal 5/31/05   Web site can help teachers plan lessons
 Pok. Journal 5/08/05   Well protection pamphlet is helpful
 Pok. Journal 5/05/05   Fishkill Creek panel to unveil watershed plan
 Pok. Journal 4/27/05   E. Fishkill site joins Superfund
 Pok. Journal 4/21/05   Creek becomes a lab for local educators
 Pok. Journal 4/16/05   Towns' codes not friendly to watersheds
 Annie's Mailbox 4/10/05   Don't flush your old medications
 Pok. Journal 4/06/05   Study is planned on impact of dams
 Cablevision 3/16/05     Public Service Announcement 
 Pok. Journal 2/26/05   When it rains, sewage pours
 Pok. Journal 2/23/05   Pipeline could guide growth
 Pok. Journal 2/20/05   [TCE] Cleanup guidelines lag
 Pok. Journal 2/14/05   Historic bridge on verge of collapse
 Pok. Journal 2/10/05   The Fishkill Creek Watershed is essential to region
 Pok. Journal 2/08/05   Beacon has handle on sewer pipes
 S. Dutchess News 1/05/05   Streamwalk study earns state award
 Pok. Journal 11/17/04   Beacon changes sewer line manholes
 Pok. Journal 11/08/04   DEC judge scrutinizes [Fishkill] mine plan
 Pok. Journal 10/31/04   Watersheds touch many sides of life (by Rick Oestrike)
 Cable News 10/25/04   Creek Issues (Stream Walk Results)
 Pok. Journal 10/15/04   Study: Sewage is among many creek concerns
 Pok. Journal 8/24/04   Beacon's raw sewage enters creek
 Cable News 8/04/04     Saving the Creek (Stream Walk)
 Cable News 7/15/04     Creek Cleanup (Stream Walk)
 Pok. Journal 5/30/04   Erosion is hazardous to watershed
 Pok. Journal 3/07/04   Balanced growth vital
 Pok. Journal 1/25/04   Population weighs on watershed (by David Burns)
 Pok. Journal 1/18/04   Our Environment: Eat, drink and be wary
 Pok. Journal 7/6-20/03   Valley Water Under Siege - 5 Editorials
 Pok. Journal 8/17/03   Environment council marks 30 years

Note: The opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily represent those held by the Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee, but in the interest of promoting open discussion on issues affecting the watershed, they have been included.

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