Just got the news this morning thanks to Doc Hamilton.
Some of what's below the obituary was already in this public page for several years.
This is now a work in progress.
- Fred Robbins 12:00 11/21/21

First version I saw...

Complete Obituary

Letters from Bill

In August 2016 I discovered a Banjo Hangout topic on Bill Holden,
asking if anyone had heard about him recently.
I'd been in contact with Bill for about a year and thought I'd share my news.
Bill had no computer or internet access, and finally offered to answer any queries
by handwritten letter!

Here is the series he sent me in November 2017...

On the back of the envelope...

Notes correcting one of my Banjo Hangout posts...

Letter page 1 of 3...

Letter page 2 of 3...

Letter page 3 of 3...


1/23/2020 From Tom Isenhour

You don't hear much about Blue Grass Boy William "Bill" Holden of Texas. Holden started his career at age 18 playing banjo with Byron Berline in 1968 and then James Monroe's band in 1974 before spending 2 years with the Country Gentlemen and joining up with Monroe in Sept. 1976. Holden got to do the 3rd tour of Japan and recorded 17 songs with Monroe until his departure in August, 1977. Monroe liked his instrumental "Pinewood Valley" and gave Holden full credit. His banjo picking was solid Scruggs/Thompson/Keith style with good tone and fit well with Monroe's style. He was a super nice fellow to know. You don't see many photos of when Holden was in the band. I found these rare photos with the band at the Opry's 51st Celebration in 1976. Other Boys are Kenny Baker, fiddle; Wayne Lewis, guitar; Randy Davis, bass.


  Photos from Doc Hamilton



Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys, Jonathan Swift's, Cambridge, MA, March 23, 1977

Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys, Eugene, OR, 1977

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