Fincastle 1966
Roanoke Signa
Roanoke the Gang c
Roanoke the Gang d
Roanoke crowd1a
Roanoke crowd2a
Roanoke BGBoysb
Roanoke Bobby Billa
Roanoke Don Renoa
Roanoke Renos on Stageb
Roanoke Greene Sprung Rowana
Roanoke 4 Mandolin Players b
Roanoke Bill et al Stagea
Roanoke Sonny Osbornea
Roanoke Osbornes Stagea
Roanoke Bill Osbornesa
Roanoke Ralph Rinzlerb
Roanoke Don Benny Billa
Roanoke Mike Seegera
Roanoke Bill YoungBoysa
Roanoke Bill Standinga
Fred-Fincastle66-with-FredRobbins-Andy Statman-GeneYellin-TomSprott-AlMcCanless-ETC-by-AndySacherw
Fred-Fincastle66-with-FredRobbins-Andy Statman-GeneYellin-TomSprott-AlMcCanless-ETC-by-AndySacherw - copy
Bill and Fred-BEST
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Courtesy Ken Landreth
Courtesy Ken Landreth
Standing (L to R): Frank Wing, Al McCanless, Jim Silver, ?, Tom Isenhour,
Chuck Wagner (sitting on the Silver Streak)
Kneeling (L to R): ?, Bob Isenhour, Mike Nicolay, Fred Robbins, Tom Sprott ...
September 2019
I'm proud to say this photo appears in
Ken Burns' PBS Country Music series Episode 6.
The Gang has concluded that Buck Peacock took the photo with my Polaroid.
The sign was taken from a telephone pole on the way to the festival.
Richard Greene, Lamar Grier, Bill Monroe, Peter Rowan
Bobby Osborne, Bill Monroe
Don Reno
Ronnie Reno, Kenny Baker (hidden), Don Reno, Chuck Haney
Richard Greene, Roger Sprung, Peter Rowan
From Roger Sprung's website
Bobby Osborne, Bill Monroe, John Duffey, Ronnie Reno,
(Sonny Osborne on stage, Charlie Waller far right)
Ronnie Reno, David Grisman, Bobby Osborne, Bill Monroe,
John Duffey (hidden), Peter Rowan
Sonny Osborne
See his notes to me next...
Bobby Osborne, Sonny Osborne, Dale Sledd, Ronnie Reno
Kenny Baker, Bill Monroe, Sonny Osborne, Bobby Osborne
Ralph Rinzler
Carlton Haney, Don Reno, Benny Martin, Bill Monroe
Mike Seeger
Greg Wilson, Bill Monroe, Gary Wilson, Larry Lindsey
Bill Monroe, Andy Statman
See the story next...
March 2019 Update
Andy Statman's new CD, "Monroe Bus", arrived with my photo inside....
Bluegrass Unlimited
Review of "Monroe Bus" also tells the story of the photo. ...with their permission...
Photo by Andy Sacher - Me on right
Jan. 2019 Update
Thanks to Gene Yellin for discovering himself and Andy Statman.
Thanks to Tom Isenhour for discovering our friends Tom Sprott and
Al McCanless. You can also see them in the group photo on Page 1...
"And the guy with beard and white cowboy hat (center-left) is
Earl Spielman who played fiddle with the Bluegrass Hoppers (hah!), a Madison WI band that
also included Jerry Wicentowski, Don Gale, and Rodney Moag." -Andy Sacher
Bill & Me
(Photo by Tom Isenhour)
Bill & Tom
(Photo by me with Tom's camera)
Bill & Me
(Time machine photo by Jake Jacobson)

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