Roanoke/Fincastle 1966   © Tom Isenhour    

Saturday morning fiddle workshop with Peter Rowan, Richard Greene and Kenny Baker waiting


Same fiddle workshop but Chubby Wise comes on stage


Monroe gets into Jim Eanes' 1963 Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan


Kenny Baker, Peter Rowan (Note Kenny Baker was a smoker.)


Kenny Baker, Peter Rowan


Kenny Baker, Peter Rowan


Backstage parking area


Peter Rowan, Billy Baker, Del McCoury


Ralph Rinzler, talking to Joan Shagan; my reel tape recorder on far right


Kenny Baker, Peter Rowan


Peter Rowan, Richard Greene


Bill Monroe, Fred Robbins


Bill Monroe, Tom Isenhour

It's been a long time since those first 2 Bluegrass Festivals in Fincastle, VA,
and those old photos sure brought back the memories of some really
good bluegrass times in my life. When Monroe performed "Walls of Time"
for the first time live with Pete Rowan and Richard Greene it was the
the highlight of the '66 festival. Next big memory was seeing John Duffey
do his comedy skit on the Jimmy Dean takeoff of Big John called "Big Bruce".
Seeing the legendary Chubby Wise, Jimmy Martin and Rudy Lyle perform
again with Monroe doing the original version of "Rawhide" was special too.

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