History of the Poem

Michelle wrote the poem as a Christmas present for her father, Jim, in 1979. The next year, she perished in an airplane accident, just before her 21st birthday.

Jim was an American Airlines pilot and aerobatic instructor, starting Aerobatex in 1975, and was active in training until 2000. Jim passed away in 2001.

His wife, Jodie, survives, and graciously provided me with the history, the picture of Michelle, and permission to display the poem.

Daniel and Montaine used the poem in their airshow for 18 years. It could be heard over the PA system during their performance. I recorded the version on this website in 1985. I believe it was one of the first versions they used.

The Chaudoins sold the picture at airshows for 21 years, raising money for a memorial scholarship.

For more information on the scholarship:

Michelle Chaudoin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Delta Gamma Foundation
3250 Riverside Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43221-0397

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