The Atlanta Tape 1970

In Atlanta 1970, Mike Nicolay, Bob Isenhour, and a bunch of friends
put this recording together for me and sent it to Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam
while I was stationed there.

Here's the uncut recording.   

Side 1

Side 2

I'm pretty sure Mike is the MC and initially on banjo.

Names I heard mentioned:
Mike Nicolay on banjo & mandolin
Tom Glenn on guitar
Buddy Whitford on mandolin
Frank Wing on banjo
Ron Hancock on guitar

I heard where Bob came in late, but am not sure where he was playing banjo.

Bob, Mike, Me - Fincastle 1966
(The only photo I have of Mike)

Mike had been in a much rougher place in Vietnam than I was. He understood.

Bob was my bluegrass mentor when I was at Clemson University. [See Photos]

Sadly, both Mike and Bob passed away years ago.

Photos (ca. 1973) by one of the pickers, Tom Glenn!

Tom Glenn, J Morse, Frank Wing, Mike Nicolay



The last time I saw Bob was in 1971 when he visited me in Pleasant Valley, NY.
We did a recording session in my apartment.

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