Fred Robbins & Bob Isenhour, Pleasant Valley, NY, 1971
In Memory of Bob, My Bluegrass Mentor from Clemson University


                 Fred-guitar, Bob-banjo

  01-Mr Bojangles
  02-8th of January, Blackberry Blossom, Sinkin Creek
  03-Bluegrass Hornpipe - Take 1
  04-Bluegrass Hornpipe - Take 5
  05-British Grenadiers, Scotland the Brave.mp3
  06-Crazy Creek
  07-Devils Dream, Sailors Hornpipe
  08-Dougs Tune
  09-Earls Breakdown
  10-Gentle on My Mind
  11-Grandfather's Clock
  12-Ground Speed
  13-Lamplighters Hornpipe
  14-Ricketts Hornpipe - Take 1
  15-Ricketts Hornpipe - Take 2
  16-Salt Creek
  17-Salt Creek Remix - add 2d guitar
  18-Santa Claus - Take 1
  19-Santa Claus - Take 2
  20-Shenandoah Breakdown
  21-Stoney Creek
  22-Turkey in the Straw

Portrait of Bob from the 1971 NY session

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  Bob & Me (w/Gibson SJN) at the
Clemson Architecture Building ca. 1967

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