Karen Roberts, Cablevision News:
The Fishkill Watershed  Program is an environmental
group interested in protecting the creek. The volunteer
members have been serving the creek and giving an
education to some.

We tagged along on one of their walks.

  This walk down the stream is a family affair.
    The seven-person crew is checking for erosion on the
    bank and life in the creek.



Bob Hoose, Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee:

I go to these Fishkill Creek Watershed Committee
meetings monthly. And we're a group that's trying
to get the creek improved and to educate - that's
our main goal as a group.

Roberts: The 32-mile sweep of the creek is surveyed in segments of a
half a mile, from Millbrook to [Beacon]. Over 50 volunteers are doing
this work. Bob and Jean Hoose say they're interested in any program to
save Fishkill Creek.

I've lived on the creek almost 40 years,
so I've seen improvements in it - less sewage.
There is stuff that floats down the creek at all times.
I mean, people use it as a garbage dump.

Gail Whitefield, Town of Fishkill:

The reason I'm actually involved in 
this is because I wanted to do it with
my grandson Curtis, who's nine. And
he's along today with my grandson
Miles, who's five - and just to have him
more aware of the environment.

Roberts: The environmental group is just over [two years] old.
After today's survey, they take the findings to the committee.
The adults here say the lesson is in respecting the environment.

So, you didn't know any of this before, did you?

Suzanne Snyder, 12 years old: No. I just started learning about it today.

Roberts: Now, after the impaired areas are targeted, their findings go to
the Environmental Management Council of Dutchess County for review.

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