Pete Kuykendall 1938-2017

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I have fond memories of Pete from the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival.
I stopped by the Bluegrass Unlimited booth one year and seeing Pete was there,
I introduced myself; and Pete recognized me since I'd written a few amateur BU articles.
He immediately invited me into the booth, the ladies found me a chair, and Pete proceeded
to regale me with stories.

One year he gave me a fatherly bawling out for allowing my photos to be used without
compensation, something BU never did.

From then on, every year Pete was there, I'd look forward to the annual visit.

Grey Fox 2006

Grey Fox 2007

With Ron Thomason in 2008

Grey Fox 2009

Grey Fox 2010

Grey Fox 2012

Grey Fox 2016

Grey Fox 2016

Grey Fox 2008

At the Funeral, August 31, 2017
It was a wonderful day, Fred. Great weather and a large gathering of friends.
His daughter Sam and Dan Hays spoke, Dudley & Sally, Tom Grey and Akira performed two of Pete's songs.
There was a slide show of photos from over the years. You'll be happy to know that nice photo of
you & Pete at Grey Fox was one of them. Nice graveyard ceremony. Dudley led us all in Amazing Grace.
Afterwards, a lovely reception where people ate and chatted for a few hours.
Pete would have loved it.
- Katy Daley

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