Grey Fox 2016
GF16 fest sign FR-001 GF16 master FR-031
Where I spent most of my time...
...doing this
GF16 master FR-013
My Creekside Stage "Work"station
GF16-master KateMcNally FR-002a
Creekside Stage MC Kate McNally
GF16 master FR-012 GF16 master FR-032
Here come some of the bands I recorded...
GF16-master LonelyHeartstring FR-004
The Lonely Heartstring Band
GF16-master BluegrassKaraoke FR-003
Kitsy Kuykendall's Bluegrass Karaoke
Charm City Junction
GF16-master CharmCityJct FR-001
Charm City Junction
Band of Ruhks
Mile Twelve
Acoustic Music Seminar Showcase by the Savannah Music Festival
Eric Gibson, Mike Barber, Leigh Gibson
Jakob's Ferry Stragglers
GF16 master FR-010
Ron Thomason
The Gather Rounders
Kitsy BU50th-thumb
Kitsy Kuykendall, Akira Ostuka, Pete Kuykendall
Bluegrass Academy for Kids March Onto The High Meadow (Main) Stage
Bluegrass Academy for Kids Performance
IMG 2330
Ron Cody, Jonny Cody, a customer
GF16 staff-vols KitsyKuykendall-FredRobbins FR-022
Kitsy Kuykendall & Me
GF16 staff KateMcNally-who FR-033
Kate McNally, Donna Dearth
GF16 staff who-KitsyKuykendall FR-023
Wendy Tyner: Wintergrass Development Director (Bellevue, WA), Kitsy Kuykendall
GF16 staff FR-024
(The Other) Steve Martin, Jerry Schrepfer
GF16 roots SteveMartin FR-018
(The Other) Steve Martin
GF16 fest Steve Martin Unreal Bluegrass Facebook  FR-NEW
(The Other) Steve Martin
GF16 master FR-034 GF16 fest vols FR-007 GF16 fest vols FR-005
Larry Lebouf, Tom Lindtveit
My Camping/Partying Family...
Where you can find us every year
GF16 fest FR-002
Lee, Steve, Ian
GF16 fest Lizards FR-005 GF16 fest FR-009
GF16 fest Lizards FR-003
Lee, Steve
GF16 fest FR-004
Dean, Ken, Steve
GF16 fest Lizards FR-009
The Colonel & Jared
GF16 fest Lizards FR-011
GF16 fest FR-003
GF16 fest Lizards FR-015
GF16 fest FR-008 GF16 fest Lizards FR-020
Jake, Leslie
GF16 fest Lizards FR-021
Chas, Deb
GF16 fest Lizards FR-021a
GF16 fest Lizards FR-023
GF16 fest Lizards FR-025
Joe, Randy, Malin
GF16 fest Lizards FR-029
GF16 fest Lizards FR-030 GF16 fest Lizards FR-031
The Colonel
GF16 fest Lizards FR-033
"At Ease"
GF16 fest Lizards FR-035 GF16 fest Lizards FR-037 GF16 fest Lizards FR-041
Lys & Ken
GF16 fest Lizards FR-043 GF16-fest-parade FR-050
Maureen & Joe in The Parade
GF16 fest Lizards FR-044 GF16 fest Lizards FR-045
Lys & Dean
GF16 fest Lizards FR-046
Lys & Dean
GF16 fest Lizards FR-048 GF16 fest Lizards FR-050 GF16 fest Lizards FR-049
GF16 fest FR-021 GF16 fest Lizards FR-051
Super-Chef Ken - Every Morning!
GF16 fest Lizards FR-053 GF16-fest-parade-thumb
GF16-fest-parade FR-108
The Lizards after the Parade...
GF16-fest-parade FR-109 GF16-fest-parade FR-110 GF16-fest-parade FR-112 GF16-fest-parade FR-113 GF16-fest-parade FR-114 GF16-fest-parade FR-115 GF16-fest-parade FR-116 GF16-fest-parade FR-117 GF16-fest-parade FR-118 GF16-fest-parade FR-121 GF16-fest-parade FR-122 GF16-fest-parade FR-124
Tail End of The Parade
The Lizards 2016 Portrait by Steve Ide
IMG 2245
The Lonely Heartstring Band
GF16 fest MarcHorowitz-RonCody-MartinKeith FR-003
Warming up for the Keith Style Banjo Workshop
Marc Horowitz, Ron Cody, Martin Keith
IMG 2270
Martin Keith, Marc Horowitz, Ron Cody's Neck & Arm
GF16 fest MartinKeith FR-001
Martin Keith
GF16 fest RonCody-MartinKeith FR-002
Ron Cody, Martin Keith
GF16 fest MarcHorowitz FR-001
Marc Horowitz
GF16 fest MartinKeith-GabeHirshfeld-RonCody FR
Martin Keith, Gabe Hirshfeld, Ron Cody
GF16 fest FR-014
Ron Cody, Jerey Schrepfer, Martin Keith
Keith Style Banjo Workshop, Grass Roots Stage - Eric Lee, Ira Gitlin, Marc Horowitz, Ron Cody, Lincoln Meyers, Martin Keith (Bass)
GF16-roots KeithBanjoWorkshop FR-013
Eric Lee, Ira Gitlin, Marc Horowitz
GF16-roots KeithBanjoWorkshop FR-002
Ron Cody, Lincoln Meyers
GF16-roots KeithBanjoWorkshop FR-019
Martin Keith (Bill Keith's Son)
GF16-roots KeithBanjoWorkshop FR-014a
Ira Gitlin
GF16-roots KeithBanjoWorkshop FR-018
Ron Cody, Lincoln Meyers
GF16-roots KeithBanjoWorkshop FR-022
Eric Lee
GF16-roots KeithBanjoWorkshop FR-025
Marc Horowitz, Ron Cody, Lincoln Meyers
GF16-roots KeithBanjoWorkshop FR-010a
Marc Horowitz, Ron Cody
GF16 roots KeithBanjoWorkshop FR-016 GF16 fest IraGitlin-MartinKeith-TomLindtveit-JerrySchrepfer FR-019
After the Keith Style Banjo Workshop
Ira Gitlin, Martin Keith, Tom Lindtveit, Jerry Schrepfer
GF16 roots SteveMartin-RonCody FR-017
(The Other) Steve Martin, Ron Cody
GF16 fest FR-029
Bill Keith's Teepee
GF16 fest BillKeithTeepee2 FR
Bill Keith's Teepee, put up by Tom Lindtveit, Martin Keith, Ron Cody, and Jerry Schrepfer
GF16 dance dw-12925-MediaCrew-RabbitEars
The Great Media Crew (Photo by Dave Weiland)
Standing: Jake Jacobson (Crew Chief), Michael Siegel, Dean Loomis, James Jedrziewski, Maranie Staab, Steve Ziemba,
Harris Kaplan, Mariah Alix, Marla Singleton
Kneeling: Tyler Campbell, Mary Burdette, Dan Spinner, Mark Sukoenig, Audra Kaplan, Me, Dave Weiland
GF16 scenics -Sky-Flag-Fox-FR-037a
The End