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Bluegrass Memories by Dave & Robin Orlomoski
Guild Factory 2014 by Gordon Titcomb
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Guild Factory 2014
Gordon Titcomb stopped by for our daily jam at break time. — with Todd Stoughton in New Hartford, Connecticut.
These are pictures taken at the guitar factory in New Hartford,CT by Gordon Titcomb 2 days after we got the word that the place was closing. Glad he brought his camera with him, though I worked there for many years I took very few pictures.
Guild Factory 2014
"I worked at Guild guitars, Westerly, Rhode Island, in 1972 scraping binding, sanding fingerboards and inlaying dots into the side of fingerboards,and triangles of abalone and white pearl into fingerboards. Years later, I would visit my good pals: Dave Tex Orlomoski, Todd Stoughton, and Darren Wallace at Guild's new location in New Hartford, CT. This was just two or three before Guild closed down the New Hartford factory. Great guitars by craftsmen who themselves are all fine musicians." - Gordon Titcomb June 2020
Guild Factory 2014
Guild F 412 in the spray room
Guild Factory 2014
This was the finish prep area.
Guild Factory
I hit the big time in a Premier Guitar video back at the guitar factory :) They made me wear the Fender shirt!!.
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Guild Factory 2014
The service area, they worked on Ovation, Fender ,Guild , Takamime and Hamer guitars — with Todd Stoughton and Charles Lavallee.
Guild Factory 2014
Artist Award was our top of the line Guild. — with Todd Stoughton
Guild Factory 2014
More service guitars.
Guild Factory 2014
The 3rd floor was my home away from home.
Guild Factory 2014
Working on a Tom Petty model Fender acoustic
Guild Factory 2014
Tom Petty model had top mount tone and volume controls.
Guild Factory 2014
There ya go!
Guild Factory 2014
Never did like fitting maple necks, hard to keep the chisel sharp.
Guild Factory 2014
Todd Stoughton with an X 500 body
Guild Factory 2014
Side bending molds
Guild Factory 2014
An older side bender that we got from Tacoma ,WA
Guild Factory 2014
Our own side benders
Guild Factory 2014
Different body shapes required different benders.
Guild Factory 2014
Don't think anyone knew that we also made resonator guitars.
Guild Factory 2014
Forms to hold the sides for various operations. Kerfing, top and back bonding,etc.
Guild Factory 2014
Sides ready for the head and tail block
Guild Factory 2014
Sides ready for the head and tail block
Guild Factory 2014
Still waiting for head and tail blocks
Guild Factory 2014
Frank Morrell getting ready to bond the blocks in
Guild Factory 2014
Todd with a Doyle Dykes Model body
Guild Factory 2014
Phil Bouchard working on a Doyle Dykes guitar
Guild Factory 2014
Self explanatory I would say :)
Guild Factory 2014
Finish curing area
Guild Factory 2014
The next stop was the sand and buff area.
I guess things really do come in three's. In the past when we had photographers tour the factory they'd always take pictures of the same people and I was never one of those people. Seems the winds have shifted and I'm in 3 pictures from two different publications within a few weeks of each other. Go figure!
Early in the neck fitting process ,sanding the neck to fit tight on the body. This is a 60th Anniversary Guild with Koa body and abalone trim.
They even came close to getting my quote right.
I normally play a guitar at break time but keep a banjo at work for special occasions .
My TBT goes back to the early '80's and the Ovation Guitar Factory in Moosup,CT. Things were really cranking back then.