Byron Berline, The Rolling Stones & the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Byron's co-author Jane Frost told me, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame confirmed,
the book is part of the Library/Archives Collection.

The Rolling Stones had recorded "Honky Tonk Women" and wanted to
make an acoustic version. It was called "Country Honk"

They wanted a fiddle on the track.

Keith Richards called Byron - The Stones needed him right away,
flew him to L.A., put him and his fiddle out on the sidewalk,
with a speaker, not headphones, and had someone drive up and
down the street, honking the horn while he added his track!

Courtesy of the Byron Berline Collection

"Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman...all
the band members were there. I listened to the track and tried
to tune my fiddle to it...the best I could."
From the book, Byron Berline, A Fiddler's Diary, by permission

Here's his story...

According to the Hall of Fame, Byron donated the fiddle he used on "Country Honk",
and "an archival collection that is still being processed."

Since I contributed stories to the book, I'm proud that my stories are
actually in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!


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