Berkshire Mountains Bluegrass Festival from Nancy Talbott & More
1976 - The first year while we were still setting it up
(Nancy Talbott was Founder & Producer of the Festival)
Berkshire1977 06 07 018-Forrest
1977 (2nd Annual) - 4 PortaPotties!
(Photo by Bill Forrest)
Berkshire1977 06 07 019-Forrest
1977 - Performers Tent House across field not built yet
(Photo by Bill Forrest)
Berkshire1977 07 10 001-forrest
1977 - Boone Creek - Baucom fiddle, Golding guitar, Skaggs mando, Douglas dobro, Bryant bass
(Photo by Bill Forrest)
Berkshire1977 06 07 020-forrest
1977 Tex Logan, Wilma Lee Cooper, Butch Robins (joined Bill Monroe in 1977), Gene Wooten dobro
(Photo by Bill Forrest)
1970s, Seldom Scene, Berkshire Mts.BG Fest
1970s - Seldom Scene
Me with Don Stover
1976 ( ) Red & Harley Allen, Berkshire Mts.BG Fest
1976 - Red & Harley Allen
Don Stover & Me
Berkshire-NT-Balloons 1977 ( )-Dry Branch,Berk. Mts.BG Fest (&Fred)
1977 - Dry Branch Fire Squad
1977 (Photo by Terry McManus)
Dry Branch & audience, Berkshire Mts.BG Fest
Dry Branch Fire Squad
Mary Jo (Dry Branch),Berk. Mts. FB Festival
Mary Jo Leet, Dry Branch Fire Squad
1977 or later - Monroe on that little stage, Buddy Merriam on mandolin
And I think this is the only photo I have of the Performer's Tent, that early one.
Did you know that the Berkshire Festival was the first bluegrass festival to HAVE a performer's tent? Ernie Sykes (hand on chest)
late 1970s,Harley&Greg Allen,Berk.Mts.FB Fest
Late 1970s - Harley & Greg Allen
late 1970s-Ricky Skaggs, Berkshire Mts. BG Fest. copy
Late 1970s - Ricky Skaggs
late 1970s, Jerry Douglas, Berkshire Mts.BG Fest (Steve Faccio) copy
Late 1970s - Jerry Douglas
(Photo by Steve Faccio)
1977 ( ), NT watching show
1977 - Me watching the show
1979-NT,Berkshire Mts. BG Festival
1979, Monro,4th Berkshire Mts. BG Festival (photo by Brad Glass). BG Festival (photo by Brad Glass). BG Festival (photo by Brad Glass)
1979 - Monroe, 4th Berkshire Mts. BG Festival
(Photo by Brad Glass)
1980( )-Berk.Mts. BG Fest, setting up for show
1980 - Setting up for show
1980, Sonny Osborne, 5th Berkshire Mts.BG Festival (Marshall Freedland)jpg copy
1980 - Sonny Osborne, 5th Berkshire Mts. BG Festival
(Photo by Marshall Freedland)
1980-Berk.MtsBG Fest, water trucks cool off audience (Stephen Fuda) copy
1980 - Water trucks cool off audience
(Photo by Stephen Fuda)
1980-Sun sets behind Berk. Mts. FB Fest. Performer's Tent (Patricia Gilligan)
1980 - Sun sets behind Performer's Tent
(Photo by Patricia Gilligan)