R/C Models - Arizona Bucket List Trip 2017
IMG 3641
One of Jim's several R/C aircraft...this one with an electric motor,
the one I was going to fly later
IMG 4154
In his shop
IMG 3621
Getting everything ready in the back of the truck
IMG 4132 IMG 4161
Out to the field
Catalina-RC-1 IMG 4134 IMG 3623
His most recent gas powered plane
IMG 4155 IMG 3625 IMG 4159 IMG 4158 IMG 3628
Jim Flying his Tiger
IMG 4137
Jim was going to treat me to "buddy boxing", where 2 controllers are connected together. Just as years ago in his full-size Citrabria - I'm the student and Jim's the instructor.
IMG 4136
We were going to fly this electric plane. I got a few seconds of flight, but...
IMG 4156
...Unfortunately, there was a connection problem....
IMG 4135
...and by the time it was fixed, the windspeed increased too much.
IMG 4139
Another's Pitts model, sitting in their well-equipped "clubhouse". You'll see its flight in the video coming up.
Earlier, Jim did fly the electric plane. The video is next...
RCflight-3 - Copy
(Select Next to bypass the video.)
IMG 3640
Back Home. Next trip I'll get to "buddy box" and
mount my GoPro on one of the planes.
The End