Pima Air & Space Museum - Arizona Bucket List Trip 2017
PimaAirMuseum-01 IMG 4165 GOPR4068 GOPR4067 GOPR4066 GOPR4065 GOPR4064 GOPR4063 GOPR4061 GOPR4033 GOPR4034 IMG 4204 IMG 4203 PimaAirMuseum-01a
Outside for a few walks
IMG 4206 IMG 4207 IMG 4208 IMG 4209 IMG 4210 IMG 4211 IMG 4212 IMG 4213 IMG 4215 Pima-walkthru-037
The following photos were captured from my too-shaky GoPro video footage on my 2 quick walkthroughs.
I didn't have too much time and it was Arizona-dry and -hot.
Pima-walkthru-038 Pima-walkthru-039 Pima-walkthru-041 Pima-walkthru-059 Pima-walkthru-043 Pima-walkthru-044 Pima-walkthru-045 Pima-walkthru-047 Pima-walkthru-046 Pima-walkthru-048 Pima-walkthru-049 Pima-walkthru-050 Pima-walkthru-051 Pima-walkthru-052 Pima-walkthru-053 Pima-walkthru-054 Pima-walkthru-055 B36-GoPro-5
Pima-walkthru-001 Pima-walkthru-002 Pima-walkthru-004 Pima-walkthru-036 Pima-walkthru-005 Pima-walkthru-006 Pima-walkthru-007 Pima-walkthru-008 Pima-walkthru-009 Pima-walkthru-010 Pima-walkthru-011 Pima-walkthru-012 Pima-walkthru-013 Pima-walkthru-014 Pima-walkthru-015 Pima-walkthru-016 Pima-walkthru-017 Pima-walkthru-018 Pima-walkthru-019 Pima-walkthru-020 Pima-walkthru-021 Pima-walkthru-022 Pima-walkthru-023 Pima-walkthru-024 Pima-walkthru-026 Pima-walkthru-027 Pima-walkthru-028 Pima-walkthru-029 Pima-walkthru-030 Pima-walkthru-031 Pima-walkthru-032 Pima-walkthru-033 Pima-walkthru-025 Pima-walkthru-034 Pima-walkthru-035 IMG 4218
The End