Lowell Observatory - Arizona Bucket List Trip 2017
Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff
IMG 3765 IMG 3770 IMG 3769
The sun through a very small telescope next to the one in the previous photo
IMG 3772
Rotunda Museum
for the first lecture
GOPR3330 IMG 3782
Davis' Story Here
One of the many displays
IMG 3785
Our enthusiastic and amusing guide
The Pluto Walk (to the Pluto Discovery Telescope Dome)
Shows the distance of our solar system's planets' distance from each other and Pluto
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IMG 3789
The Pluto Discovery Telescope
IMG 3787-a IMG 3766 IMG 3773
Clark Telescope Dome
Clark 24-inch Refractor Telescope
lowell-GoPro-05 lowell-GoPro-03b IMG 3799 GOPR3355-a IMG 3774 PutnamCollectionCenter
William Lowell Putnam Collection Center
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IMG 3812 IMG 3805
Percival Lowell’s 1911 Stevens-Duryea automobile
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The End