Grand Canyon - Arizona Bucket List Trip 2017
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The lodge was right on the rim.
IMG 3852 IMG 3884
Bright Angel Lodge
IMG 3888
Our room - It was the LAST one available in the entire village!
IMG 3870
A REAL bathtub!
IMG 3871 WalkToRim-thumb1
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GOPR3393 VisitorCenterView-thumb
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IMG 3890 IMG 3891 G0033371 G0083381 GOPR3383
The horizon is not curved as you see here.
Some of the very-wide-angle GoPro photos make it look that way.
GOPR3387 IMG 3886
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GOPR3397 IMG 3827 IMG 3828 FredRobbins-JimDavis-Clemson1968-at-GrandCanyon-September2017-2
Two 1968 Clemson Graduates
IMG 3834 IMG 3836
Two groups of "small" people
IMG 3837 IMG 3839
Classic mandatory tourist pose
IMG 3841 IMG 3842
All over, we saw that arms-raised pose while a friend snapped a cell phone photo
IMG 3846
Hoardes of tourists stop illegally on the road to photograph the wildlife.
IMG 3847 IMG 3848 IMG 3850 IMG 3851 IMG 3844
The Colorado River
I realized this was the only thing I saw moving - The Colorado River!
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GOPR3945 CanyonBusRide-thumb1
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IMG 3924 GOPR3958 GOPR3973 GOPR3976 IMG 3902 GOPR3979 IMG 3873 IMG 3874 CanyonSquirrel-thumb1
No, I did NOT feed him. It's prohibited.
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IMG 3879 IMG 3881 brightangelhotelmap-trailhead IMG 3853
Bright Angel Trail
IMG 3868 IMG 3867 GOPR3482
More Clemson poses on the Bright Angel Trail
GOPR3483 G0103477 IMG 3855 IMG 3856 IMG 3858 IMG 3859 IMG 3861 IMG 3862 IMG 3863 IMG 3866 IMG 3882
Bright Angel Lodge
IMG 3883
Bright Angel Lodge
IMG 3898 IMG 3899 GOPR3999 GOPR4000 IMG 3900 CanyonVillage-to-DesertWatchtower
Village to Watchtower - Last visit on the way out of the Canyon
Desert View Watchtower
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IMG 3939
Farewell Grand Canyon - On the road to Sedona