My Hudson Valley Ski Club Photo Archives

My 2021 Scans (3000 photos)

These are from the ca 1973-1981 era (best estimated by Mike Harelick!) when I was the "official" club photographer.

Lots of excuses and disclaimers*

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  My Scans Done Years Ago
Captioned and made available thanks to Mike Harelick
(These are hi-quality.)

Original   New

  My Zermatt Helicopter Rescue


* Boring disclaimer/excuse stuff
There were so many slides (over 2,300 sofar), I scanned them in a fast way** resulting in not-so-good quality. I did very little processing to make them look better. Most of them are not in order and there are very few captions.
**I projected them on a white board with my Kodak Carousel projector (the same one I used for the shows at the club meetings!) and photographed them with a digital camera.

May 1, 2021

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