Carpenter Road Petition - August 2001

We, the undersigned residents and citizens, feel that our elected and appointed officials have not represented or addressed our concerns regarding Dutchess County Road 29 (CR 29), part of which is Carpenter Road.

Our points are as follows:

  • 40% of the at-grade fatalities on the Taconic State Parkway have occurred at the intersection of Carpenter Road.
  • Median barriers immediately stop cross-over accidents and save lives. There are many types available.
  • The median barriers must be made permanent at Carpenter Road and the Taconic State Parkway as a cost-efficient solution. Funding saved by this effort should be used to upgrade existing interchanges.
  • The safety of closing this median outweighs any inconvenience.
  • Any interchange involving an overpass or underpass will establish CR 29, a residential area, as a commercial truck route. This is unsafe and unacceptable.

This petition was signed by almost 400 people.
Included were 75-85% of the households on Carpenter Road itself and its cul-de-sacs, on both East and West sides of the Taconic.
The petition was hand-delivered to the Governor's office, the NYSDOT Commissioner's office, and the NYSDOT Regional Director's office.