Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Letters to the editor

Taconic crossing closure logic amiss

The opposition by the Town of East Fishkill to the Taconic State Parkway at-grade crossing closures is poorly thought out.

The town is not opposed to the crossing at Stormville and Bogardus lanes but to the other crossings. The town supervisor, Peter Idema, indicates that it is OK to close these two crossings because they are unsafe. This would lead one to believe that the other crossings, such as at Carpenter Road, are safe.

But Carpenter Road is the most deadly Taconic crossing in Dutchess County. Now, how is it that the most deadly crossing should remain open and others should be closed in the name of safety? What kind of logic is this? Defective logic notwithstanding, they are all dangerous and should all be closed permanently.

Michael S. Pascazi, Hopewell Junction