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Comments at the East Fishkill Master Plan
July 25, 2002

Submitted by
Carolyn B. Plage
4 Genung Ct.
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

I’d like to express my thanks for the acknowledgement of a safety problem with traffic on roads that act as arterials. The proposed modifications call for a 100 ft. set-back (or buffer) which addresses the issue of new construction, but it does nothing for existing structures, particularly the many long time established residences along these roads.

The plan notes that traffic is expected to increase and it gives stated support for a grade separated interchange at Carpenter Rd. and the Taconic. How can the Town protect the residents of County Route 29 should it become a complete arterial allowing truck traffic to bypass Hopewell Junction’s town center in traveling from Rt. 52 to Rt. 82 or 376?

A problem has been acknowledged here but the solution is inadequate. The only way to address the issue of safety on County Rt. 29 is to keep the Taconic closed at Carpenter Rd. and thus keep the through traffic of 18 wheelers and 22 wheelers off this winding residential roadway by dropping the Town’s endorsement of a grade separated intersection.

The Comprehensive Plan’s proposed bypass routes will not only destroy the neighborhoods along County Rt. 29, but also destroy our center of town. If there are bypass arterials how many people will bother to drive through the middle of town as they make their way to or from work stopping for coffee, deli, flowers, or whatever? We have no “anchor” store, no supermarket in town and apparently the prospects of getting one are slim, so it seems to me that the plan for the beautification of our town center is more likely to be the killing of Hopewell Junction’s center than an improvement of our town. It seems that a much better plan, less costly, and complicated could be worked out if the Town would elicit the help and suggestions of the owners and merchants along Rt. 82 and 376. Let’s keep our taxes down, the horrors of construction to a minimum, and eliminate the grandiose ideas.

Thank you.

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