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Comments on the East Fishkill Master Plan
for Public Hearing July 25, 2002 - by John Calogero

17 Carpenter Rd.
Hopewell Jct, NY 12533
July 25, 2002

East Fishkill Town Board
East Fishkill, NY


At the last meeting on the master plan you asked for our comments to be submitted in writing. At that time I summarized the comments of many of the speakers who were concerned that the master plan calls for a rail station off Carpenter Rd, as well as well as a Taconic Parkway overpass at Carpenter. These parts of the plan will result in a dramatic and dangerous change in the lives of East Fishkill residents who live on CR 29 and its offshoot roads. I urge the town board to shift its support to one of the alternatives that have been offered by various citizens, such as the "Stormville Rd/Beekman Rd connector" or the use of the railroad right of ways to provide east-side citizens better access.

While on the subject of the east-side citizens, I would like to add that the citizens of both sides of the Parkway have opened dialogue with interesting results. Many on the east side did not know that the town and the county are powerless to restrict heavy truck traffic along CR 29. With that newfound knowledge perhaps many who supported the idea of an overpass would not now do so.

Secondly, one of the main reasons for the east side's desire for easier access to town is the difficulty they have getting staple items like groceries. In light of the tremendous growth in the Stormville area, I ask the board to be sure the zoning is correct in an appropriate spot along the Rt 52 or Rt 216 corridors for the inclusion of major food store. While I don't believe it is the board's function to support private enterprise, some enticements within the framework of the law may be possible. The results could reduce the congestion in town at rush hours if there were more places to get food items. The competition could only help the consumer.

Please consider these factors as you finalize the master plan. Thank you for you time and effort in trying to save the rural character of our town.


John Calogero

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