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July 18, 2002
Comments on the July 2002 Modifications to May 2002 Master Plan & New Laws
Back to Square One?
by Fred Robbins

I've just had a long talk with John Romeo. He has a very compelling view on the latest master plan modifications.

I'm relating this to you with John's permission...

The town's July 15 legal notice says it will "continue a public hearing which initially opened on May 23, 2002..."

But by publishing modifications to the May 2002 Master Plan and new laws, just over a week prior to the July 25 meeting, the town has set the process back to "square one."

That is, the July modifications to the May 2002 documents make the July 25 hearing not a continuation, but the first review of essentially new documents - we must start all over again.

And, again, the new documentation is barely available in quantity and time to analyze and respond to.

This may also mean that many of our spoken and written comments since May 23 are no longer valid and must be re-stated.

The good news MAY be that some of the modifications truly eliminate some of the previous concerns. But how do we know that, without time for expert analysis of over 450 pages of documentation and detailed presentations to the public by the town's consultants?

John has already hired an attorney to address his concerns. Now, in a short period of time, he must have the attorney review all the modifications in order to adjust John's legal response.

This should be a major issue brought to the media and presented on July 25.

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