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Comments on the East Fishkill Master Plan
for Public Hearing May 23, 2002 - by Susan Kamm

Mr. Peter Idema
East Fishkill Town Hall
Route 376
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
June 14, 2002

Re: Proposed Master Plan
Public Meeting 5/23/02
Stormville Mountain change from R2 to R3 Zoning

Dear Mr. Idema,

I met with you in your office prior to the public hearing regarding the proposed Master Plan concerning my property on Stormville Mountain Road. At that time I was unable to receive an answer from your or the tax assessor to any of my questions. I therefore welcomed your invitation to come to the public meeting and speak with the Town Board regarding the Plan. I had hoped for some feedback, but the format of the meeting did not allow for that.

It was quite evident that the proposal needed some serious honing in general to represent town constituents. I volunteered my time to do whatever was necessary for research or clarification of issues. I was never contacted.

I am now attempting for a third time to hear satisfactory answers to my questions. Therefore, I would appreciate your response to the following:

1. What is the reason for changing only part of Stormville from R2 zoning with averaging, to R3 zoning which has no averaging?

2. How much of an impact will this make in the Town's overall plan to reduce development in light of R2's many rules for development on the mountain along with DEP regulations and restrictions?

3. Where is the case study that determined the decision to spot zone only part of R2?

4. How do you propose to tax non-averaged land?

The non-averaging factor would drastically reduce my property's value, since most of it is more than a 20% grade, as well as place great financial burden on me, as well as all the others who fall into this category.

I have been a property owner in Stormville for 32 years and have paid assessed taxes based on the increased value of my land. This new plan would diminish the value of my land in a time when land is spiraling upward for others. I view this as a clear case of discrimination.

I have suffered the loss of land at the hands of the Appalachian Trail, R1 zoning to R2 zoning, and now potentially R2 zoning to R3 zoning without averaging. I am asking you for answers to my questions, and request that you remove the R3 zoning from the plan. If the Board is determined to keep R3, then let there be averaging, and have it apply to all property in East Fishkill with the exception of commercial sites.

I look forward to a prompt reply.


Susan M. Kamm

CC: Ethel Walker
Peter Cassidy
Richard Ferland
Donald Way

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