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Poughkeepsie Journal, Thursday, June 6, 2002

Letters to the Editor

Residents will fight E. Fishkill overpass

As a speaker at the recent East Fishkill public hearing on the 2002 Comprehensive Master Plan, I would like to thank those who worked so hard at putting the plan together. We may disagree on points, but their work is appreciated.

After I spoke in opposition to the part of the plan dealing with transportation, specifically the proposed bridge over the Taconic State Parkway at Carpenter Road, town board member Ethel Walker commented, "The Town of East Fishkill is not building the overpass on County Route 29. That was an idea of the New York State Department of Transportation. It's not something that we came up with."

This is disingenuous at best. The town will not build the bridge, but it has certainly done everything it can to bring about its existence. For Ms. Walker to make such a statement suggests she and the board believes the people to be gullible and ignorant.

Ms. Walker and the board will find out that is not so. We are determined to be heard. We will not be railroaded into accepting a flawed plan, one that will make East Fishkill no longer a great place to live. The board will say it has a responsibility to the entire town. It also has a responsibility to listen to the people. Arrogance and verbal chicanery have no place in dealing with the residents. Make no mistake about it; a bridge at Carpenter Road would ruin an entire neighborhood. Make no mistake about it; the residents don't want it.

John Pisacano, Hopewell Junction

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