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Comments on the East Fishkill Master Plan
for Public Hearing May 23, 2002 - by Paul Wise

The Master Plan as an ongoing vision does not reflect the conditions in the town today.

The statistical basis for the Master Plan is flawed and this gives rise to skepticism. All figures should be revised using the 2000 US Census Report as to population - their movements and makeup. The statistics and all maps/charts reflecting these numbers should be updated to today's reality, i.e. 2002.

e.g.	1992 thru 1996	Total building permits:  	 654
	1997 thru 2001 	Total building permits:         1035
	2002		Not mentioned, but should be
			noted that if all proposed 
			developments are approved, they
			will exceed the last 4 years

In actuality, the developers have descended upon the town and the result is overwhelming. You can't build or repair the infrastructure fast enough. It would appear that the plans envisioned depend upon the County and State Departments of Transportation to strengthen the roads and be an integral part of the bypass of the Hamlet, despite the fact that the Poughkeepsie-Dutchess County Transportation Council has no plans listed in their Transportation Improvement Program 2001-2006.

How do you propose to do this without their cooperation?

The Master Plan purports to be environmentally sensitive. How does a grade-separated diamond interchange (CR29-TSP) fit this sensitivity?

It would be constructed in an area comprising a 100 year flood plain, State and Federal Wetlands which drain into the Fishkill Creek, a watershed. This is needed to complete the bypass of the Hamlet.

Is this compelling enough for this abomination or are there more far reaching effects not known to the public? We, the resident taxpayers, deserve an answer.

The plan calls for 14 new laws to be enacted, purportedly to be environmentally sensitive. Explain how allowing more land available for cluster housing is an advantage to the East Fishkill Community. Explain how a high quality industrial development near Lime Kiln Road and Route 84 interchange and near a superfund site is sensitive to environmental considerations and the needs of residents. Will it even stand the test of time?

The Hamlet has lost its supermarket. Where is the supposed replacement?

The biggest business in the Hamlet is the Post Office, operating under strained conditions. What should be the effect on the Hamlet if the Post Office moved to another site? What effect at that site?

The Town Master Plan gives no alternatives and allows no room for honest debate. There are no minutes to any of the workshop meetings; and even if not required by law, they would be very helpful in understanding how these recommendations were arrived at.

How does the town expect to find these proposals in the Master Plan?

Of course!

The town doesn't have the funds. The expansion of the tax base is inadequate to supply these funds. The largest burden will fall on the present taxpayers - the funding problems exist now and will be exacerbated by unbridled development.

Meanwhile, expansion of the school system will have to be funded, the Town Hall expanded, and town personnel increased. New police must be added to the force. The volunteer Fire Department will be forced to become professionalized as the demographics change.

More expense
More taxes

No where in the Master Plan is there any coordination of the financial effects on the present taxpayer. We are owed a projection of the economic impact as part of the Master Plan proposals (cost of water and sewer systems, road improvements) so that the resident taxpayers can assess whether they wish to pay the crushing taxes or opt for bond issues or some other alternative to the unbridled high speed growth with all its disruptions to our lives.

We the citizens own this town. We should have the final say in what is going to happen to us, financially as well as to the quality of our lives.

Big Brother - What's the reason for hurrying? Give us a moratorium on all new projects until an assessment can be made of the problems facing this community now and in the future. The people must have a chance to be heard.

Haste makes waste!

To the board - I'm glad I don't have your nerve in my tooth.

Paul S. Wise

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