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Comments on the Carpenter Road/Taconic Interchange
during Public Hearing May 23, 2002
by Town Councilwoman/Deputy Supervisor Ethel Walker

After the comments by John Pisacano - one of four speakers from the EAST side of Carpenter Road - on the danger to all on CR29 if an overpass is built...

Councilwoman Ethel Walker: I'd just like to make one comment, and that is the town of East Fishkill is not building the overpass on County Route 29. That was an idea of the New York State Department of Transportation. It's not something that we came up with.

Member of Audience: You can endorse it.

Walker: I didn't say that. Did I say that? Did I? Uh, I don't want to get into it big. I'm just making a statement.

Member of Audience: You brought it up!

Walker: Just making a statement.


1. Excerpt from JUNE 2001 East Fishkill Master Plan:
	6.5     Safety Improvements

	Carpenter Road At-Grade Intersection
	A grade-separated diamond interchange should be constructed 
	at this location. This interchange would serve central East 
	Fishkill and could possibly provide access to a commuter rail 
	station on the MNR Beacon line. 
2. Excerpt from DECEMBER 2001 NY State Dept. of Transportation News Release:
	Carpenter Road - Permanently close the median. Leave access 
        from both sides of Carpenter Road onto the TSP. Add U-turn 
        for emergency vehicles south of Carpenter Road. Initiate 
        a project to add an additional grade separated crossing 
        to the Parkway at this location. 

3. Excerpt from MAY 2002 East Fishkill Master Plan:
        A grade-separated diamond interchange should be swiftly
        constructed at this location.

(NOTE: highlighting added above for emphasis.)

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