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Poughkeepsie Journal, Sunday, March 31, 2002

Letters to the Editor

Stop East Fiskill overdevelopment

Wake up, East Fishkill residents!

The town is lacking an overall infrastructure to accommodate these developments; i.e. improved roads, more school space, more recreation facilities, more police, probably a paid fire department and a new town hall for an expanded municipal employee base. The consideration of safe water is a problem, along with handling of sewage. The Fishkill Creek and its tributaries, as well as the aquifers, should be protected.

Stop sprawl!

Demand a moratorium allowing only building of one house, one acre or more, until a complete economic and environmental assessment is made. The taxes you pay should reflect the needs of the community.

What is the big rush to approve all these developments, and for what purpose?

To see an expanded version of our comments, please read the March 13 submission to the East Fishkill Town Board in the letters section of

Paul and Marion Wise, Hopewell Junction

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