Meeting on February 28, 2007          Sky Acres Airport (44N)

  Captain John Miller (1905-2008)
101-year-old barnstormer & aviation pioneer tells his stories
(1 hour, 40 minutes)

The First Air Mail Flight
from the Philadelphia Post Office Roof to Camden NJ by John Miller
ca. 1939

From the source: This short film was made possible from some film archives
from my Grandfather. He was present during one of the flights and filmed the
flight that day. The first air mail flight from Philadelphia to Camden NJ.
The plane was an Kellett KD-1B Auto Gyro. The film starts out with a DC-3
airplane landing and taxiing up.

[More on John Miller from Gary Hyatt]
[More on John Miller from Ward Miller (no relation)]

[John Miller Speech at Dutchess Community College, Poughkeepsie, NY, November 28, 1990]
Transcribed by Ward Miller (no relation):
Here is the famous talk John gave at age 84.
He flew on his 100th birthday, and died at 102.
He was also an inventor and held a patent for a unique mount for a rifle scope,
manufactured it in his garage and sold it thoughout the world. Once zeroed in,
you could remove the scope from the rifle, then reinstall it and it was perfectly
in register again. It was the finest scope mount available at the time.
May he rest in peace.

Amelia Earhart, John M. Miller and the
First Transcontinental Autogiro Flight in 1931
Dr. Bruce H. Charnov, Hofstra University

Based on
published by Praeger Publishers in June 2003 (ISBN 1-56720-503-8)

Updated April 28, 2018