The Ron Cody Collection

Bill Keith at Ron & Wendy Cody's from 2000-2010

    New Camptown Races
         Bill talks about the formation of his classic lick used in New Camptown Races which came from
         hearing Molly and Tenbrooks with Monroe.

    Cherokee Shuffle
         Bill talks some about some of the history after Cherokee Shuffle which is really neat.
    June Apple
         This is the old fiddle classic June Apple played by Bill. He had a unique way of playing this melody.
         Here he starts with the B part, which allowed some of Bill's melodic technique come through bright and clear.
         I will be tabbing this rendition of Bill's June Apple in my December 2015 Banjo Newsletter column as a tribute to Bill.

    What's New
    Birth of the Blues
         Birth of the Blues is his chord genius. He showed me so much.

    (more to come)

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Bill playing my banjo at Grey Fox

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November 15, 2015