Woodstock Mountains Revue, Last Chance Saloon, Poughkeepsie, NY 1977

Jim Rooney, Bill Keith, Happy Traum, Roly Salley,
Eric Andersen, John Herald, Pat Alger, ???

  Set 1

  Set 2

Photo courtesy Jim Rooney Productions


Photo courtesy Jim Rooney Productions
Here's a bit of history I just came across. Our annual Solstice Concert
in 2003 featured a reunion of the Woodstock Mountains Revue in two
sold-out shows here in our home town. It was a joyous occasion, saddened
now, in retrospect, by the loss of three of our original members.
L to R: Pat Alger, Artie Traum, Roly Salley, John Herald, Larry Campbell,
Cindy Cashdollar, Happy Traum, John Sebastian, Jim Rooney, Bill Keith,
in Woodstock, New York.   - Jim Rooney, January 2019