JD Crowe & the New South, Red Slipper Lounge,
Holiday Inn North, Lexington, KY, November 11, 1974

Recorded by Ken Landreth

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Ken: Recorded with a small hand-held Sony cassette recorder on the table in the Red Slipper Lounge. Ricky did not have a mandolin when he moved to Lexington and is playing Frank Godbey's Gibson F2 on this recording. The band had been using pickups on their instruments for a couple of years to overcome bar noise and is still using pickups on this recording.

Frank: In case anyone is curious, it was an old black-top ca.1917 F-2, and I no longer own it... all y'all collectors of Skaggsabelia will have to ask Doug Hutchens where it went... I traded it to him for something else that I no longer own. It's a disease, eh??

JD Crowe - banjo
Tony Rice - guitar
Ricky Skaggs - mandolin and fiddle
Bobby Slone - bass
Side Saddle
Walking Shoes
Some Old Day
Beaumont Rag
Handsome Molly
You Don't Know My Mind
Sitting On top Of The World
Faded Love
Nine Pound Hammer
Bugle Call Rag
Sledd Ride
Long Black Veil
Salt Creek
Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Doin' My Time
Ten Degrees and Getting Colder
Bugle Call Rag
Home Sweet Home Revisited
John Hardy
Letter To Tom
Nashville Skyline Rag

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