Hymn Program in the Brown County Barn - Part 1
Recorded by Barbara Thomas
Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Festival in Bean Blossom, IN
June 22, 1969

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Part 1

Due to threat of rain, Bill Monroe moved the Sunday Morning Hymn Program into the Brown County Jamboree Barn. He also restricted tape recording at this performance because he felt it would distract from the religious service. I was unable to tape this part of the festival, but Barbara Thomas of Tahlequah,OK sent me a copy of her recording after the festival concluded. There is some noise and distortion on this recording that could not be corrected.

Introduction by Bill Monroe
Are You Washed In The Blood (McCormick Brothers)
Where I Shelter My Sheep (McCormick Brothers)
The Family Who Prays (Goins Brothers)
Death Came A Creepin' In My Room (Goins Brothers)
Jacobs Ladder (Ernie Graves)
I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap (Johnson Family)
Won't You Come and Sing For Me (Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard)
Sunny Side of Life (Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard)
Pass Me Not (Kenny Baker, Joe Greene, Tex Logan)
What A Friend We Have in Jesus (Kenny Baker, Joe Greene, Tex Logan)
Hazel and Alice Take Up Collection
Precious Memories (Kenny Baker, Joe Greene, Tex Logan)
Bill Monroe

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