The Jackson Brothers and Edd Wolford, ca. 1970s
From James Stiltner, recorded by Ed May

The Jackson Brothers and Edd Wolford

 Johnny Jackson - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Edd Wolford - Banjo and Tenor Vocals,
Dean Jackson - Lead Guitar, Baritone Vocals and Lead Vocals on "Your Old Standby",
Edith Jackson - Tenor Vocals, Lead Vocals on "It's a Lonesome Feeling",
William Dotson - Rhythm Guitar and Bass Vocals, Lead Vocals on "Going Home",
Willard Jackson - Banjo on "If I Didn't Have a Heart", Raymond Webb - Bass


    Goin' To Georgia.mp3
    Precious Memories.mp3
    I Know You're Married.mp3
    Brighter Mansions.mp3
    They Won't Believe On Me.mp3
    If I Didn't Have a Heart.mp3
    Battle Hymn of the Republic.mp3
    Going Home.mp3
    It's a Lonesome Feeling.mp3
    Your Old Standby.mp3
    Lost Highway.mp3

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