Johnny Jackson Band Gospel CD, 2012
From James Stiltner

    1. Old Country Church
    2. White Dove
    3. Keep Walking
    4. Tramp On the Street
    5. Precious Memories
    6. Jacob's Vision
    7. Shoutin' On the Hills of Glory
    8. I'm Using My Bible For a Roadmap
    9. Cabin In Gloryland
    10. My Best Friend
    11. Mansions For Me
    12. In the Garden

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I thought I would share my family band's 2012 gospel CD with you all for free.
My grandpa, Johnny Jackson, is playing rhythm guitar and singing lead.
My grandmother, Edith Jackson, is singing tenor and lead on 2 songs
("My Best Friend" and "Tramp On the Street").
My wife Cindi Stiltner is playing bass and singing lead ("I'm Using My Bible For a Roadmap")
I'm chiming in with banjo, lead guitar, mandolin, and baritone vocals, and
our good friend Hans Wolters contributed bass and high tenor vocals on "White Dove".
- James Stiltner, February 2, 2013


Added February 2, 2013

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