Jimmy Martin, Brewgrass Festival, Asheville, NC, October 30, 2004
From James Stiltner, Recorded by Toby Freehan

 Jimmy Martin - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar; Ray Martin - Mandolin, Baritone Vocals
David Nance - Dobro and Tenor Vocals; Derek Dillman - Banjo; ? - Bass

    1. Intros
    2. My Walking Shoes
    3. If We Never Meet Again
    4. Tennessee
    5. Drink Up and Go Home
    6. Theme Time
    7. You Don't Know My Mind
    8. Prayer Bells of Heaven
    9. Lord, I'm Coming Home
    10. God Guide Our Leader's Hand
    11. Pete, The Best Coon Dog
    12. Sunny Side of the Mountain
    13. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
    14. Freeborn Man

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