Johnson Mtn Boys - Edale Festival, UK, 1987, 1994

Recorded off the board by Chris Wing
Digitized and separated songs by Ivor Trueman


           June 1987, First Appearance - All Gospel Set - MC Tom Travis

  Tom Adams - banjo, David McLaughlin - mandolin, Marshall Wilborn - bass
Eddie Stubbs - fiddle, Dudley Connell - guitar  

    God's Not Dead
    Daniel Prayed
    Let Me Rest At The End Of My Journey
    You Must Be Born Again
    Get Down On Your Knees And Pray
    Standing In The Need Of Prayer
    Where We'll Never Die
    Springtime In Glory
    Go Call His Name
    Do You Call That Religion
    When I Safely Reach The Other Shore
    How Great Thou Art
    I've Found A Hiding Place
    Were You There (cut)

           June 3, 1994, Friday Evening - MC Tom Travis

Same band members as 1987 except Tim Smith - fiddle

    Intro - Fiddle Tune
    Memories Cover Everything I Own
    Let The Whole World Talk
    Cumberland Gap
    Cry Cry Darlin'
    John Henry Was A Steel Drivin Man
    Maury River Blues
    Unwanted Love
    Christine LeRoy
    Oh My Little Darling
    Carolina Hornpipe
    I'm Feeling for You (But I Can't Reach You)
    Harbor Of Love
    Standing In The Need Of Prayer
    Orange Blossom Special
    Get Down On Your Knees And Pray
    Blue Grass Special
           June 4, 1994, Saturday Afternoon - MC Val Ditchburn
    Fiddle Intro
    Goodbye To The Blues
    Only A Hobo
    Newton Grove
    Weathered Gray Stone
    Roll On Blues
    The Sweetest Gift
    Gold Rush
    You Done Me Wrong
    Lady of Spain
    He Said If I Be Lifted Up
    Daniel Prayed
    The Road To Edale
    Blue Yodel No 3
    Cherokee Shuffle
    Maybe You Will Change Your Mind
           June 4, 1994, Saturday Evening - MC Bryan Thomson
    Fiddle Intro
    She's Gone
    Highway Of Sorrow
    Red Line To Shady Grove
    Now Just Suppose
    Ragtime Annie
    Long Journey Home
    John Henry, The Steel Drivin Man
    Georgia Stomp
    Blue Diamond Mines
    The Waves On The Sea
    Wicked Path Of Sin
    I've Found A Hiding Place
    Orange Blossom Special
    Ceremony of the BU Patch
    Key To The Highway
    If I Lose
    Making Up Stories
    With Body And Soul
    Big Country
           June 4, 1994, Sunday Afternoon - MC Tom Travis
    Fiddle Intro
    I Could Change My Mind
    Don't You Worry About Me
    Cumberland Gap
    My Better Years
    Our Last Goodbye
    Buffalo Gals
    Dream Of A Miner's Child
    Duncan & Brady (He's Been On The Job Too Long)
    Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
    Don't You Call My Name
    Long Journey Home
    Prisoner's Song
    The Engineers Don't Wave From The Trains Anymore
    Grey Eagle
    Get Down On Your Knees And Pray
    Five Speed
    Teardrops Fell Like Raindrops
    Maury River Blues
    Newton Grove

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