Johnson Mtn Boys - Leeds Astoria, UK, June 4, 1987
Broadcast on BBC2

Recorded off the radio by Chris Wing

  Tom Adams - banjo, David McLaughlin - mandolin, Marshall Wilborn - bass
Eddie Stubbs - fiddle, Dudley Connell - guitar  

    Fiddle intro
    I Could Change My Mind
    Intros, Let The Whole World Talk
    Lord Show Me the Wway
    Unwanted Love
    Bluest Man In Town
    Blue Yodel # 3
    Cry Cry Darlin'
    John Henry Was A Steel Drivin Man
    Maury River Blues
    Shouting In The Air
    Goodbye To The Blues
    Now Just Suppose
    Orange Blossom Special

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Thanks for posting this Fred. That was taken from a show during a week long tour
the Johnson Mountain Boys did in the UK. The anchor date was a three day bluegrass
festival in the small town of Edale. A beautiful little spot. If I do say so myself,
"Cry, Cry, Darling" is pretty strong. hahahaha. Take care and thanks again.
- Dudley Connell July 25, 2013

Added July 25, 2013

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