Jim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys
Oak Leaf Park, Luray, VA, July 4, 1961


  Jessie McReynolds - Mandolin, Fiddle, Jim McReynolds - Guitar, Allen Shelton - Banjo
Don McCann - Guitar, Joe Binglehead - bass

    Alone With You
    Band Intros, Joke
    Feuding Banjos
    This Song Is Just For You
    Nobody But You
    Shuckin The Corn
    Mama Don't Allow (Begin Cut)
    I'll Have A New Life
    Let Me Walk With Thee
    The Grey Eagle
    Gosh I Miss You All The Time
    Air Mail Special
    Pardon Me
    The Lady Of Spain
    Too Old
    Little More Like Heaven
    The Flame Of Love
    Cumberland Gap
    Are You Missing Me
    Sally Goodin
    Sleepy Eyed John
    Let The Spirit Descend (Begin Cut)
    On The Jericho Road
    Under The Double Eagle
    Is It True
    Sunny Mountain Chime
    Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes

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This show was the first event that used the words, "Bluegrass Festival," and was promoted by the legendary singer and recording artist, Bill Clifton. The location was Oak Leaf Park in Luray, Virginia, and the date was July 4, 1961. This was also the first time that more than two well-known Bluegrass acts were booked on the same show. Prior to that occasion, one or two Bluegrass bands would be booked on a country show of that period. The festival was a one day event that featured Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers, The Country Gentlemen, Jim and Jesse, Mac Wiseman and Bill Clifton. This was also the first time that Bill Monroe called former members of The Blue Grass Boys to the stage to play and sing. When 2,200 people attended the show, it opened up a new venue for Bluegrass music.

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