Newgrass Revival, Bluegrass Renaissance,
Louisville, KY, September 28, 1975

Recorded by Monte Barry

  Courtney Johnson - banjo, Curtis Burch - guitar, Sam Bush - fiddle & mandolin
John Cowan - bass, Ebo Walker (?)  

            Set 1
    Think Of What You've Done
    Used to Be
    This Heart of Mine
    Mississippi Delta Home
    Crooked Smile
    Cold Sailor
    Good Woman's Love
    Pennies in My Pocket
    Steam Powered Aereoplane
    The Rainbow Bridge
    Norwegian Wood
    Sally Goodin'
    Fly Through the Country

            Set 2

    I'll Never See My Home Again
    Silence or Tears
    With Care from Someone
    Sittin' on Top of the World
    Red Man's Blues
    Me and My Uncle
    band intro
    The Dancer
    Mississippi Dew
    Like a Child in the Rain
    These Days

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