Nashville Bluegrass Band w/ Peter Rowan & Jerry Douglas,
Denton (NC) Bluegrass Festival, July 8, 1995

  Pat Enright - Guitar, Alan O'Bryant - Banjo, Roland White - Mandolin,
Stuart Duncan - Fiddle, Gene Libbea - Bass  

    Blue Train
    The Train Carrying Jimmy Rodgers Home
    Kansas City Railroad Blues
    Dark as the Night, Blue as the Day
    Toy Heart
    Blackbirds and the Crows

    Enter Peter Rowan & Jerry Douglas

    That High Lonesome Sound
    Trails Of Tears
    Howlin' at the Moon
    Jesus Made the Wine
    One Way (cut at end)
    One Way (continued)
    Goodbye Old Pal


    Memories Of You
    More Crowd
    Silver or Gold
    Sally Goodin

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