Bluegrass Alliance, Great Midwestern Bluegrass Music Hall,
Louisville, KY, Sept. 23, 1975

Recorded by Monte Barry

  Vince Gill - lead & tenor vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, dobro
Bill Millet - lead & baritone vocals, banjo, rhythm guitar
Al White - lead vocals, mandolin, rhythm guitar
Lonnie Peerce - tenor vocals, fiddle
Marshall Billingsley - bass  

Vince Gill is 18 yrs old. Bill Millet breaks banjo string in Foggy Mtn Breakdown.
Al White does a Bob Dylan imitation in You Ain't Goin' Nowhere.

            Set 1
    Look Away Beyond the Sunset
    East Virginia Blues
    Don't Cry Blue
    The Leaves That Are Green
    You Don't Know My Mind
    Long Black Veil
    Sittin' on Top of the World
    500 Miles Away from Home
    Foggy Mountain Breakdown

            Set 2
    Doin' My Time
    Tennessee Blues
    Blue Moon of Kentucky
    You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
    name ?
    Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
    Fox on the Run
    Good Woman's Love
    Sweetheart of Mine
    Take Me Back to Tulsa
    Black Mountain Rag
    Ghost Riders in the Sky
    name ?
    Orange Blossom Special

            Set 3
    Dark Hollow
    Panhandle Rag
    Thunderclouds Of Love
    name ?

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