Jimmy Martin ca. 1962
From Doc Hamilton (tape source unknown)

    Train 45
    Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me
    Ocean of Diamonds
    Cripple Creek
    Linda Lou
    Pretending I Don't Care
    Hit Parade of Love
    Honey You Don't Know My Mind
    Leavin' Town
    Drink Up and Go Home
    Hi Dee Diddle
    Sleepy Eyed John
    Guide Our Leaders Hand
    Skip Hop and Wobble (incomplete)
    Who'll Sing for Me
    Paul's Ministry
    I'll Never Take No for an Answer
    Train 45
    Hills of Roane County
    Don't Give Your Heart to a Rambler
    Stepping Stones
    The Joke's on You
    Lost Ball in the High Weeds
    Blue Yodel
    I Like to Hear Them Preach It

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