JD Crowe, New York City
From Doc Hamilton (Tape source unknown)

    I'll Just Stay Around; Please Search Your Heart; Gotta Do My Time; My Ramblin Boy
    Train 45; Helplessly Hoping; We Live in Two Different Worlds; Red Haired Boy; You Ain't Going Nowhere;
         Bugle Call Rag
    Little Birdie; Home with Jesus; Devil in Disguise
    Somehow Tonight; Some Old Day; Flint Hill Special; Miller's Cave
    Blackjack; Fox on the Run; God's Own Singer; I Know What It Means to be Lonesome; 9 Pound Hammer;
         Sin City
    Born to be with You; I'll Still Write Your Name in the Sand; I'm Walkin'

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Added June 16, 2012

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